Differences between homepages and responsive and non-responsive dashboards

Any user with a role can create and share responsive dashboards. You can drag to move and resize widgets on responsive dashboards. Non-responsive dashboards use less flexible drop zone layouts, and require Performance Analytics roles to view, create, and edit. Homepages have more restrictive layouts and permission structures.

Table 1. Compare dashboard types
Responsive dashboards Non-responsive dashboards Homepages
Move and resize widgets Drag to move and resize widgets. Layouts with drop zones, no custom resizing of widgets.Layouts with drop zones, no custom resizing of widgets.
Lazy loading Only visible widgets load. More widgets load as the user scrolls down. All widgets load when the dashboard is opened. This results in slower performance.All widgets load when the homepage is opened. This results in slower performance.
Preconfigured layouts Not required. On responsive dashboards, you can resize each widget individually, or apply a quick layout. RequiredRequired
View dashboards / homepages All users Only users with pa_viewer role.All users
Create dashboards / homepages Any user with any role. Only users with pa_admin and pa_power_user roles.Any user with any role can create, but only admins can share.
Share permissions Dashboard owners can share with users, groups, and roles. Users with pa_admin and pa_power_user roles can share.

Users with pa_admin and pa_power_user roles can edit and view.

Users with pa_viewer role can view dashboards that have been shared with them.

Only admins can assign read and write roles.

Determine whether a dashboard is responsive

Dashboards on an instance are responsive or non-responsive depending on how an administrator has configured your instance. These different dashboard types have different headers.

Before you begin

Look at the dashboard header to determine the type:

Note: Some of the buttons are shown only if you have edit rights to the dashboard.


  1. Responsive dashboards:
    Header of responsive dashboards.
  2. Non-responsive dashboards:
    Header of non-responsive dashboards