Installed with Service Portfolio Management

Service Portfolio Management installs the following components.

Table 1. Service Portfolio Management components
Component Name Description
Business rule Recalculate Availability Performs availability calculations when an outage is created or modified.
Script include AvailabilitySummarizer Summarizes daily availability for service offerings that have availability commitments.
Scheduled job Calculate Availability Runs every night to calculate the availability of service offerings that have availability commitments.
Module Business Service Entries Located in the Service Catalog application, this module enables an administrator to define which business services appear in the business service catalog that end users see.
Homepage gauge My Service Subscriptions This gauge displays all service offerings to which the user is subscribed.
Table 2. Service Portfolio Management tables
Display Name [Table Name] Description
Service Offering [service_offering] Extends the [cmdb_ci_service] table. The Subscribes to Service related list that is available in the User form uses this table.
Service Commitments [service_offering_commitment] Stores records from the Service Commitments related list in the Service Offerings form.
Service Scope [service_scope] Stores user-defined limits to the service levels of a business service.