Workflows installed with Service Level Management


Service Level Management adds the following workflows.
Table 1. Workflows for Service Level Management
Workflow Description
Default SLA workflow Sends notifications at various check points of the SLA's life span to notify the assignee of the duration left before it has breached. This workflow is also configured to work with the SLA Repair functionality to skip notifications being sent on a repair of SLAs.
Note: This workflow is used by default for new instances.
Default SLA Repair workflow This workflow is designed to work with the SLA Repair functions for upgraded instances where the default SLA workflow may have been customized. It is equivalent to the default SLA workflow with the addition of repair conditions on certain activities. The repair conditions will skip notifications being sent for an SLA that is being repaired.
Note: The SLA repair function uses this workflow by default for upgraded instances because the Default SLA workflow may have been customized.