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Transfer a call to a service catalog request

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Transfer a call to a service catalog request

You can transfer a call to a service catalog request and enter the relevant details for the requested catalog item as part of a single process.

Before you begin

Role required: itil


  1. In the Call form, set Call Type to Request.
    A Request item field appears on the form.
  2. Select the catalog item to request.
    Content items, record producers, and order guides are not supported.
  3. Click Submit.
    The order form for that catalog item appears.
  4. Select any other options for that catalog item, as required.
  5. Order the item.
    The service catalog request is created with the following information.
    • The Caller is copied to the Requested For field in the request.
    • The Description field in the Call form is copied to Special instructions.

    The requested item is listed in the Task by Same Caller related list in the call.