Copy a catalog item

Copy an item to create a full duplicate of the item, including the item details, attachments, variables, client scripts, and approvals.

About this task

Copying can be more useful than using the Insert function because the function only copies the item details.


  1. Open a catalog item form.
  2. Use the Copy button to create a new copy of a catalog item, named Copy of [item name].
    • If you copy an active catalog item, the copy is also active. Consider deactivating the copy by clearing the Active check box until your changes are complete.
    • When you specify a table in the Relationship tables which should be part of the Copy Item Action. Table names should be comma separated property in the Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Properties page, the table records that have a reference to a catalog item are also copied. It is applicable only when you copy the catalog item using the Copy UI action. Table names should be comma-separated without any spaces.