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Variables to collect data for record producer fields

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Variables to collect data for record producer fields

Use variables to collect data for record producer fields.

You can use the following variable types to collect data for the corresponding record producer fields.

Table 1. Variables for record producer fields
Field type Recommended variable type
True/False Yes/No
Reference Reference
Date or Due Date Date
Date/Time Date/Time
Choice or any field with an associated choice list Select Box
Email address Email
List or UI Action List List Collector
String with length greater than 256 Multi-Line Text
String, Integer, Decimal, Floating Point Number Single-Line Text
All other field types Multi-Line Text

Values Returned

When you construct a record producer, be aware of the return value.

Most of these field types return a string. However, there are some exceptions. For example, a Reference value returns the sys_id of the target object, and a List value returns a comma-separated list of sys_ids.

Example 1: For a List value, return an array which can be iterated to retrieve the individual values submitted by your user:
var sys_id_string  = producer. glide_list_field ; var sys_id_list   = string. split ( ',' ) ;
Example 2: For a Date or Date/Time value, return a date which GlideDate can evaluate.
var glideDateTime  = new GlideDateTime (producer. date_field ) ;