Wish list for catalog items

You can save catalog items to your wish list and visit them later to complete the ordering process.

For example, let us say you wish to order a laptop of specific configuration and require to provide a list of software to be installed on it. Adding such items to your wish list, allows you to revisit them with complete information before proceeding to final checkout. Any partially entered data is also saved when you add items to your wish list.

Users with catalog_admin or admin role can enable/disable the wish list feature and configure the wish list cart for end users. By default, wish list is always disabled for a catalog.

To enable wish list feature for catalog end users, select the check box for Enable Wish List in the catalog record.

Wish list feature does not function if the property glide.ui.doctype is set to false.

Figure 1. Catalog homepage displaying wish list feature
Note: When wish list feature is disabled for a catalog, any items in its wish list also get deleted. The wish list of items is retained only if it is associated with another 'wish list enabled catalog'.

Working with wish list

To save an item to your wish list, click Add to Wish List on the catalog item page. A pop-up dialog informs that the item is added to your wish list. Duplicate entries of an item are not added to wish list. If you try to add an item that is already in your wish list, then the latest entry of that item gets updated to the wish list.

To access your wish list cart of catalog item/s, click View Wish List on the popup dialog. (or) Click the link to wish list items on the header (if item number is greater than 0). The wish list cart of items allows you to update or delete wish list items.

To update a wish list item, go to wish list cart and click View for the item. Item is displayed from your wish list cart to make updates. Click Update to save the changes made to the wish list item. If you wish to proceed with ordering the item, click Add to Cart. The item is removed from your wish list and added to the shopping cart for final checkout.

Figure 2. Wish list popup dialog