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Create a receiving slip line

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Create a receiving slip line

When assets arrive at a stockroom and you receive them, a receiving slip is created on the purchase order. You create a receiving slip line to identify the specific assets and quantities that were received.

Before you begin

Role required: procurement_admin or procurement_user

About this task

If the asset already exists, the asset record is updated when you save the receiving slip line. If the asset does not already exist, a new hardware or software asset record is created. The Model category and Configuration item fields are automatically filled in on the new asset record based on information in the request, purchase order, or receiving slip. If Asset Tag and Serial Number information exists, it is not overwritten.


  1. Navigate to Procurement > Receiving > Receiving Slips and open a receiving slip.
  2. In the Receiving Slip Lines related list, click New.
    The following fields are completed automatically.
    • A Number is assigned.
    • In Received, the current date and time are added.
    • In Received by, the currently logged in user is added.
  3. In Purchase Order Line, click the reference lookup icon and select a purchase order line.
    The Purchase Order Line field is mandatory if the parent receiving slip has an associated purchase order. Only purchase order lines that are associated with the same purchase order linked to the parent receiving slip are available to select.
  4. In Quantity, enter the number of items received. For example, five items were ordered, but only two are being received.
  5. (Optional) Edit the Received by, Requested for, and Unit cost fields, as needed.
  6. Click Submit.
    After you create a receiving slip line, the Receiving stockroom field on the Receiving Slip record becomes read-only.