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Knowledge articles from problems

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Knowledge articles from problems

Knowledge bases house the information an organization wants to keep and share. The Problem form includes four options for creating knowledge and communicating information.

  • You can select the Knowledge check box and automatically submit a knowledge article when a problem is closed.
  • You can enter a workaround note into a problem record, and then post the information into every associated incident.
  • You can create a knowledge article from the problem immediately, and not wait for when the problem is closed.
  • You can quickly create and publish a knowledge article in the News category.

By default, most new articles are created as drafts and move through a review state before they are published. An exception to the standard workflow is posting news from the Problem form.

If the administrator enables the optional knowledge submission workflow, articles created from incidents or problems become knowledge submissions, which are processed through a different path. For more information, see Knowledge workflows.