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Show flagged VIPs in the incident list

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Show flagged VIPs in the incident list

Organizations commonly designate VIP status in the user record for some of their VIP users. The administrator can add the VIP field to the user record form to designate those users. If the Incident list view is configured to display Caller, VIPs are visually flagged.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_list or admin

About this task

When caller is assigned to an incident, the user record is automatically checked for VIP status. In the incident form, an icon appears beside the name and the name displays in red.
Figure 1. VIP caller indication
VIP caller

If the Caller column does not display in the Incident list view, the column can be added.


  1. Perform the appropriate action for your list version.
    List v2 Right-click the Incident list header and select Configure > List Layout.
    List v3 Open the list title menu and select List Layout.
  2. Add the Caller column to the Selected list.
  3. Click Save.
    Figure 2. VIP caller
    Incident list with flagged VIP caller