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Define an assignment rule for incidents

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Define an assignment rule for incidents

To ensure that incidents are brought to the attention of the appropriate IT agents, you can define assignment rules to automate the process.

Before you begin

Role required: assignment_rule_admin or admin

About this task

This example adds an assignment rule to assign database issues in New York to the NY DB assignment group.


  1. Navigate to System Policy > Rules > Assignment and complete the steps in Create an assignment rule
  2. Enter the following information for the example.
    Field Entry
    Name New York Database Issues
    Table Incident [incident]
    Execution Order 50

    If this field does not appear, the administrator can configure the form.

    Group NY DB
    Note: The sys_user_group read ACL calls the SNCRoleUtil function. The function checks whether the group being selected contains either the admin or security_admin role. The function allows the user to view the group only if the user has the same role. As a result, an itil user cannot assign an incident to a group that has the admin role or security_admin role, or whose parent has the role.
    Conditions [Location] [is] [New York] and [Category] [is] [Database].
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Test the assignment rule by completing the following steps.
    1. Navigate to Incidents > Create New.
    2. Enter New York in the Location field and Database in the Category field.
    3. Complete other mandatory fields and click Submit.
    4. Reopen the incident and see that the NY DB assignment group was added.