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Specify the field a KB article is copied to

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Specify the field a KB article is copied to

When a user searches for a knowledge base article from an incident, problem, or change request, the displayed article includes an Attach to (Task) button at the top right. The task displayed on the button matches the form where the search was initiated.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

When you click this button, the article number and contents are copied into the Comments or Description field of the incident, problem, or change record by default. Administrators can set a property to customize where the copied article is placed.

The copy behavior is based on the data type of the destination field. If the destination field is a reference field to kb_knowledge, the platform creates a reference link to the existing article rather than copying the article contents into the record.

Notes and limitations
  • The target field must be on the form to receive the data.
  • Optionally, you can specify more than one target field, separated by commas. In this case, the platform looks for each field in order and copies the contents into the first one it finds on the form. It does not copy the data into multiple fields.
  • If the selected field does not exist on the form, the platform automatically checks for Comments and Description.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Properties.
  2. In the Other Knowledge Properties section, locate the property that begins with When attaching an article to an incident, problem, or catalog task, copy the article content into the following field..
  3. Specify a field into which to copy knowledge article content.

    This entry must be the Element name for the field, which is found by right-clicking the field name and selecting Configure Label.

    By default, this property is set to comment, meaning that content is copied into the Additional comments field. If you change the value to work_notes, the article content is copied into the Work notes field.