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Launch a conference call

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Launch a conference call

As part of processing an incident alert, a conference call can be created between involved users.

About this task

Call participants can include:

  • Those users who have been assigned specific responsibilities.
  • Any required ad-hoc user contacts.
  • Other involved parties who are not recorded as users, such as third-party contacts.
Note: Only one conference call at a time can be active for each issue.


  1. Navigate to Incident Management > Open.
  2. Open the relevant incident alert.
  3. Click the Initiate Conference Call related link.
  4. Within the dialog box that appears, select the participants for the conference.
    Figure 1. Select participants
    The dialog box displays the recommended and selected participants for the conference. All users from the User Contacts list in the incident alert are selected by default. If a rotation schedule exists for the Group Contacts, the primary and secondary on-call resources are shown in the Recommended list. This way, the current on-call persons can quickly be invited to join the conference call. Calls are placed to the number in the Mobile phone field on the user record. If that information is blank, the user cannot be contacted through Notify. The mobile phone number has to be an E.164 compliant phone number. If the phone number is a local number, without the + prefix, the number is retrieved based on the user's location. If possible, it is converted into a valid E.164 number.
  5. To select ad-hoc participants, do one of the following activities:
    Click the reference lookup icon, and select the relevant user. Click Add to selected.
    Enter the participant's phone number in the field beside the telephone icon. Click Add to selected.
  6. After the participant list is finalized, click OK.
  7. The conference call starts and a Conference call initiated message is displayed at the top of the Incident Alert form. Each user is called and can accept the call to join the conference. Severalresponse types are possible from users invited to join the conference call, apart from Accepted.
  8. Click the Conference call initiated message to see details of that conference call.
    Figure 2. Conference call details
    When the final participant leaves the conference, the conference call closes.
    Note: VoIP phone systems, which do not use touch tone phones, may encounter issues with recognizing key presses. To avoid problems, ensure that conference call users use touch tone phones, or configure your VoIP system settings to recognize key presses. Key presses are described in your VoIP system documentation.