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Modify CAB meeting details

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Modify CAB meeting details

You can modify the agenda items for a specific CAB meeting.

Before you begin

Role required: itil or sn_change_cab.cab_manager

About this task

After you update the CAB board or change request conditions, refresh the CAB meeting to apply the updates. If you add new board members or attendees to the meeting, they are notified via email invitations after the meeting is refreshed.


  1. Navigate to the CAB meeting whose agenda you want to modify using one of the following steps.
    Open from the CAB meeting list
    1. Navigate to Change > Change Advisory Board > All CAB meetings.
    2. Select and open the CAB meeting to modify.
    Open from the CAB definition list
    1. Navigate to Change > Change Advisory Board > All CAB definitions.
    2. Select and open the CAB definition to send out the meeting request.
    3. Select and open the specific CAB meeting to modify.
  2. Modify the CAB meeting agenda in the Agenda Management tab or form section, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Agenda Management fields
    Field Description
    Notification lead time Number of days prior to which change requesters are notified that their changes are coming up for discussion on the CAB agenda.
    Automatically Add Change Requests Check box to define the types of change requests that are automatically added to the CAB meeting agenda.

    When you select Automatically Add Change Requests, the Refresh CAB Meetings related link appears. If you click this link, search is performed for change requests that match the value in the Change Request Addition Conditions field. If there are any matching change requests, agenda items are created for them and added to the CAB agenda.

    If you do not select Automatically Add Change Requests, then you need to create each agenda item for the associated change request for the meeting agenda.

    Change Request Addition Conditions Condition builder to specify which change requests are added to the CAB meeting agenda.
    • Add Filter Condition: Click to add additional filter conditions, or click AND next to the existing filter condition.
    • Add “OR” Clause: Click to display the results of multiple filter criteria in a single list.
    • Add Sort: Click to define the order of the change requests in this CAB meeting agenda. The agenda order can be defined in CAB Definitions or CAB Meetings, and can be based on one or more fields.
    Time per Agenda Item The time, in minutes and seconds, allotted to discuss each change request on the agenda. The allotted time can be adjusted for agenda items before or during the meeting.
    Complete Pre-approved Changes Check box to mark each pre-approved change request as Complete in the CAB meeting agenda.
    Note: Pre-approved changes are automatically marked as complete so that approvers do not have to review them. The pre-approved changes are visible in the CAB Workbench, and can be discussed if necessary.
  3. From Related Links, you can perform any of the following tasks.
    Link Description
    Refresh Agenda Items The agenda items for the CAB meeting are refreshed. If you added or updated attendees, a confirmation message asks if the meeting request must be resent to these attendees.
    Send meeting request to attendees Click to manually resend the meeting request to the list of attendees.
    Go to this meeting in CAB Workbench Click to open the meeting in the CAB workbench. This link is available only when it is time for the CAB to begin.
    Share notes Share notes captured in the Meeting Notes field to the list of meeting attendees. Share Notes is only visible when the meeting is In Progress or Complete.
  4. From related lists, you can perform any of the following tasks.
    Related list Description
    Agenda Items Manually add agenda items. In the Allotted Time field, the CAB manager can override the default time for any agenda item.
    Attendees Manually add attendees to a CAB meeting.
  5. Click Update to save your changes.