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Risk calculation and risk assessment

Risk calculation and risk assessment

There are two methods to calculate the risk of a change. The Best Practice - Change Risk Calculator is activated in the base system by default. Change Management - Risk Assessment is optional.

  • Change Risk Calculator uses predefined properties and conditions to calculate a risk value.
  • Change Management - Risk Assessment uses information provided by the end user to assess a risk value.

The two methods can be used individually or together, depending on your requirements. If the methods are used together, the highest risk value from both methods is always selected.

Figure 1. Risk assessment and calculation
Risk assessment calculation
Note: If both Risk Assessment and Risk Calculator are active but you want to use only one method, remove conditions for the method you do not want to use.

If you activate Change Management - Risk Assessment, the administrator can add the Task Assessment > Task related list to the change request form, if necessary. The related list displays risk assessments associated with the change request.

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