Validate the requirements to associate a software installation to Oracle mapping

Meeting recommended requirements ensures that you receive the highest quality results with Oracle mapping.

  1. Use a discovery tool (such as ServiceNow Discovery) to identify software installations. Check that the added CPU information is correct.
  2. Activate the Software Asset Management plugin Oracle Process Pack plugin. This also activates the Software Asset Management plugin if it is not already active.
  3. Refresh processor definitions by navigating to Software Asset > System and clicking Refresh Processor Definitions.
  4. Ensure that the software models you want to manage with Oracle licensing are set up accurately. See Creating a software model.
  5. Create a software license for your Oracle software. Ensure that the license is given the correct license metric.
    The License metric (metric_type) field on the Software License table is a reference field to the License Calculation table.
  6. Create a software counter to calculate Oracle licenses with the matching license type.
  7. Count licenses to determine compliance with Oracle guidelines.