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Organization Management

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Organization Management

The Organization Management application provides an easy way to perform such asset management tasks as updating users and adding vendors.

It includes managing your vendors and manufacturers, as well as managing locations.

Create a new vendor or manufacturer

You can create a new vendor, which is a company that sells assets or services that your organization purchases. You can also create a new manufacturer, which is a company that builds assets that your organization purchases.

Before you begin

Role required: user_admin


  1. Navigate to one of the following:
    • Organization > Vendors
    • Organization > Manufacturers
    • Organization > Companies
  2. Switch to the Default view.
  3. Click New in the record list.
  4. Complete the form and select either Manufacturer or Vendor.
  5. Click Submit.


Figure 1. Vendor example
Vendor example

Locations module

The Locations module is the Asset view of the Location table [cmn_location].

In addition to the physical specifics for the location, the Asset view includes the Stock room designation and a list of configuration items (CI) in stock at that location.

Figure 2. Asset location
Asset location