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Script includes installed with on-call scheduling

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Script includes installed with on-call scheduling

On-call scheduling adds the following script includes.

Script include Description
OnCallFilters Reference qualifiers for on-call rota or roster lookup.
OnCallReminderEmailGenerator Generates an HTML email used to send reminders to users that have on-call duty.
OnCallRemindersNG This script is run daily by a schedule job to send reminders to on-call persons.
OnCallRotation This class wraps the On-call Rotation support to make it easy to use from a business rule or script. gs.include("OnCallRotation"); var rota = new OnCallRotation(current);
SncOnCallRotation Legacy wrapper to maintain old GlideScriptable calls that have been migrated to use reflection rhino prefixes.
OnCallRotationProcessor Helper functions to determine which on-call calendar to render.
OnCallRotationCalculator Calculate the rotation for a group, storing the results in the Rotation Schedule [v_rotation] table.
OnCallRotationPersonal API for quickly getting on-call rotation data relevant to current logged in user.
OnCallRotationRecalc Recalculates on-call rotation schedules. Called from Update Rotation Schedules business rules on On-call Member [cmn_rota_member] and Roster [cmn_rota_roster] tables.
OnCallSecurity Checks security for an on-call rotation rota.

New security model checks for on-call rotas, rotations, and associated data.

Access model:
  • Rota_admin role gives access to manipulate all aspects of rotas.
  • Rota_manager role gives access to a specific group's rota and can also modify that group's rota and associated data.
OnCallUserReminder User reminder data for sending on-call user reminder emails. Used by the On-Call Reminders NG script include.
RotaScheduleEntryValidation Specific validation for rota schedule entries. Called by Rota Schedule Item Validate business rule.
ValidateSchedule Checks if schedule spans start and end dates are valid and that they do not overlap with any other rotation schedule.
RosterMember Handles roster and member requests.
FormattedScheduleReport Generates formatted report on the on-call schedule for the selected groups or the given rotation in a time span.