Compare two versions of a business service

You can see the summary of business service changes at a glance by comparing two versions of a business service. This feature is useful for checking the business service status before and after a certain change or problem.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, sm_admin, or sm_user

About this task

Define two points in time for Service Mapping to perform comparison. For example, if you know that the business service functioned well until a certain time and after that it experienced problems, you can compare this business service before the problem started and after that moment. It allows you to see the summary of changes that possibly led to the problems.

Service Mapping tracks and shows all changes to a CI including configuration files associated with it. When you compare two versions of a business service, you can see changes made to configuration files as changes to CIs. You can even compare two versions of a configuration file to see the actual changes made to it in the time range you selected for comparing business service versions.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Services > Business Services.
  2. Click View Map next to the required business service.
  3. Navigate to the history view you need by setting the time interval in the history area.
    1. Set the time range of the history slider by clicking the hour, day, week, or month icons.

      Click the hour, day, week, or month icons to set the time range of the history slider.
    2. If necessary, increase or decrease the time range by clicking the zoom in and zoom out icons.

      Click the zoom in and zoom out icons to change the time range.
    3. To change the upper limit on your history range, click the history scale.

      The upper limit appears above the history scale.

      Mark the upper time limit on the history slider.

      You cannot move the lower limit on your history range to before the Business Service Created event.

      The Business Service Created pointer on the history scale.

      The map shows the history view of the business service for the time you selected.

      Note: The Change tab at the bottom of the screen displays all change records even if you limit the range on the history scale.
  4. Click the Compare icon.

    The Compare icon on the Business Service Map page.
  5. Define the time before the changes in the Compare point 1 field and the time after the changes in the Compare point 2 field.

    You can also drag the pointers on the history scale to set corresponding time points.

    Drag pointers to set time points.

    If the history scale does not include the time set as a compare point, its corresponding pointer appears next to the compare point in yellow:

    A yellow pointer
  6. Click Compare.
    The comparison view opens in a separate tab.
  7. Select a marked CI to see the relevant change record on the Changes tab.

    Selecting a changed CI on the comparison map marks the relevant change on the Changes tab.
  8. To compare two versions of configuration file that appears on the map as Updated:
    1. Select the CI that is associated with the updated configuration file.
    2. In the Properties pane, click the link to the updated file.

      Click the link to see file comparison.

      The Tracked Configuration Files Version Compare tab opens showing two versions of the configuration file side by side.

    3. Review actual changes.

      Highlight colors indicated the type of change:

      • Updated line - purple
      • New line - pink
      • Deleted line - gray
    4. Navigate between the changes using the arrows in the upper right corner.
    5. Close the Tracked Configuration Files Version Compare tab when finished.
  9. Close the comparison view when finished.