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Import planned business services from load-balancers

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Import planned business services from load-balancers

Associate multiple business services to a phase in one go by importing them from load balancers.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin

About this task

If there is no information available about planned business services, you can use your load balancers as the source of information. Service Mapping can extract entries directly from load balancers and convert them into planned business services.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Service Map Planner > Phases.
  2. Click the relevant phase.
  3. On the Phase page, click Import from load balancer.
    The Load Balancer Services page shows the list of entries in all load balancers configured in the instance.
  4. Mark the entries that you want Service Mapping to import as a business service by clicking check boxes next to them.
  5. Click Import.
    The newly associated business services appear under Business Service Planning.
    By default, Service Mapping assigns the following parameters for every business service:
    • Name - based on the following rule: <load balancer name>+<VIP name>. You can change names at a later stage.
    • Entry point type - inferred from the port value as follows:
      Port number Entry point type
      443 HTTPS
      80 HTTP
      Any number except 443 and 80 TCP
  6. If necessary, troubleshoot import-related errors.
    1. Click the Import Errors tab.
    2. Review error messages and fix issues that caused errors.