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Import planned business services from the CSV file

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Import planned business services from the CSV file

Associate multiple business services to a phase in a single step by importing them from the CSV file containing necessary information.

Before you begin

Prepare the information necessary for the import in the CSV file:
  1. Copy the following template in the .xlsx format: importCSVexample.xlsx.
  2. Populate the fields in the .xlsx file:
    Warning: Do not modify column labels in the .xlsx file.
    Warning: If information on business services is not formatted in the .xlsx file according to the template, Service Mapping fails to create planned services or creates them with errors.
    Column label Information
    Name The name of the planned business service.
    ServiceDeploymentOwner Enter the service deployment owner name as it is displayed in the platform: <firstname.lastname>. The service deployment owner is responsible for creating and fixing business services during planning. The service deployment owner must have the sm_admin role.
    ApplicationOwners Enter the application owner owner. The application owner is familiar with the infrastructure and applications making up the service. This user provides information necessary for successful mapping of a business service. Once a service is mapped, this user reviews the results and either approves it or suggests changes. Use the following syntax: <firstname.lastname>. To enter more than one name, use semicolon (;) to separate names.
    PlannedEntryPoints Enter the HTTPS entry points that Service Mapping uses to discover this business service. To enter more than one entry point, use semicolon (;) to separate them.

    An entry point is a property of a connection to a configuration item (CI). Service Mapping starts the mapping process from this point. For example, to map your electronic mailing business service, define an email address as an entry point.

    OtherEntryPoints Enter information about entry points that either a service deployment owner or application owner manually defines for this business service. Enter this information as free text.
    ComponentsDetails Enter information about components you expect to discover as part of this business service. Enter this information as free text.
  3. Save the file in a drive that you can access during the import with the .csv extension.
Role required: sm_admin

About this task

This method suits you if your organization has performed cross-organization mapping and analysis and collected some information about planned business services. If so, you can organize the collected information in a specific order and save it as a CSV file. Service Mapping extracts information from this file and associates multiple business services to a phase in one go.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Service Map Planner > Phases.
  2. Click the relevant phase.
  3. On the Phase page, click Import from CSV.
  4. In the Select CSV file to import window, click Choose file.
  5. Navigate to the CSV file to use for the import and click Choose.
  6. Click Import.
    The newly associated business services appear under Business Service Planning.
  7. If necessary, troubleshoot import-related errors.
    1. Click the Import Errors tab.
    2. Review information on business services that Service Mapping failed to import.
    3. Create a separate CSV file to these business services.
      Note: Make sure that the information and its format are correct.
    4. Import business services from the second CSV file by repeating 3-6.