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Create actual business services during planning

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Create actual business services during planning

The service deployment owner creates an actual business service based on the planned one.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin

About this task

The actual business service inherits all information defined for the planned service. This new actual business service appears in the list of all business services and has the Non-Operational state.

Ideally, only the service deployment owner should create the actual business service, however, any user with the sm_admin role can perform this task.

When Service Mapping creates an actual business service during planning, it performs the following validation:
  • Checks that the entry point is not used for another business service.
  • Checks that the business service name is unique and does not exist in the CMDB.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Service Map Planner > Phases.
  2. Select the phase which contains the planned business service.
  3. Click the name of the planned business service.
  4. Make sure that the name and the service deployment owner are defined.
  5. Click Create and Discover.

    Service Mapping creates the actual business service and starts the process of discovery and mapping.

    When the discovery process completes, the View map link appears on the page.

  6. If necessary, troubleshoot validation errors:
    1. Click the Validation Errors tab.
    2. Review error messages and fix the issues that caused them.
  7. Enter the name of the application owner. The application owner is familiar with the infrastructure and applications making up the service. This user provides information necessary for successful mapping of a business service. Once a service is mapped, this user reviews the results and either approves it or suggests changes.
  8. Click Send for Review.
    At this stage, you let the application owner review mapping results and provide feedback in the form of notes on the planned business service page.