Configure a default MID Server for connectors

You can set a default MID Server for connectors to ensure that there is always a MID Server available to receive external events.

Before you begin

Role required: em_mgmt_operator

About this task

The default MID Server must have connectivity to all external event sources.


  1. Enter sys_properties.list in the navigation filter to open the System Property [sys_properties] table.
  2. Select the mid.server.connector_default system property.
  3. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Property Description
    mid.server.connector_default Default MID Server for connectors

    Determines the MID Server connectors to use when no MID Server is specified. Must match a MID Server name.

    • Type: select string from the list
    • Value: enter the name of an existing MID Server, for example, SNC MID Server
    • Location: System Property [sys_properties] table
    Note: You can reset the default MID Server by clearing the mid.server.connector_default property or by updating the value of this property to a different MID Server. This property is not automatically reset in all scenarios.
  4. Click Update.