Scheduled jobs installed with Operational Metrics

Operational Metrics adds the following scheduled jobs.

Name Description
Operational Metrics – Metric Learner job Runs daily and builds the statistical models used for anomaly detection.
Operational Metrics – Purge old metric schemas and anomaly scores Cleans up the sa_metric_anomaly_score and the sa_metric_schema_definition tables.
Operational Metrics – Purge RRD Definitions for deleted CIs Clean up metric data to reflect CIs that were deleted.
Operational Metrics – Sync metric schema to mid Synchronizing the metric schema table sa_metric_schema_definition.
Operational Metrics – Sync tables with mid Synchronizing tables.
Operational Metrics – Table cleanup Cleaning up tables related to various deletion operations.
Operational Metrics – Observation Interval Learner job Calculates the observation interval using collected data points for all CI/metric pairs.
Operational Metrics – Process Stale Anomaly Score – Daily Daily job that cleans stale CI/metric anomaly scores, for a specified window of time, in the Metric Anomaly Score [sa_metric_anomaly_score] table.

Uses the properties sa_metric.anomaly_score_stale_interval_in_days and sa_metric.anomaly_score_next_stale_interval_in_days to calculate the window of time for cleaning.

Operational Metrics – Purge Invalid data in RRD Cleans the Operational Metrics map deleted entries in RRD.
Operational Metrics – Sync CI Anomaly Scores Keeps anomaly scores up to date with any deletion of metrics.
Operational Metrics – Metric configuration job Synchronizes metric configurations from the instance to all Operational Metrics MID Servers.