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Event collection via MID Server using a pull operation

Event collection via MID Server using a pull operation

Configure connector instances to use connector definitions (script instructions) that enable the MID Server to connect to external servers to obtain event information.

Use one connector instance for each type of event server that sends events via a MID Server. You can configure connector instances to use the default connector definitions for supported event sources. Alternatively, you can create a custom definition that enables the MID Server to run a script for event collection.

Events are collected from external servers using a pull operation. The schedule for the pull interval is set in the Schedule field of the connector instance. Users of the external servers must have read permission. However, if the connector instance is also configured to be bi-directional, the external server users must also have write permission. After configuring the connector instance, use the Test connector to verify the connection with the external source. Thereafter, set the connector instance to Active and events start to be received from the external server according to the pull interval schedule.

Table 1. Default connector definitions
Connector definition Description
HPOM Provides connectivity to HP Operations Manager.
Hyperic Provides connectivity to VMware vRealize Hyperic servers.
IBM Netcool Provides connectivity to an IBM Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServers and Impact Servers.
NagiosXI Provides connectivity to NagiosXI servers
OMi Provides connectivity to OMi servers
SCOM Provides connectivity to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
SolarWinds Provides connectivity to:
  • SolarWinds Service & Application Monitor (SAM)
  • Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
vRealize Provides connectivity to VMware vRealize Operations.
Zabbix Provides connectivity to Zabbix servers.