Validate discovery results

Validate the results of your discovery by accessing the ECC queue, analyzing the XML payload, and checking the Discovery log.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin

About this task

Initial discoveries often reveal unexpected results, such as previously unknown devices and processes or failed authentication. Results should also accurately identify known devices and update the CMDB appropriately. Become familiar with the network that is being discovered and the types of data returned for the different types of discoveries. Use the Discovery Log and the ECC Queue to monitor the Discovery process as data is returned from probes or pattern operations.


  1. To view the actual payload of a probe, click the XML icon in a record in the ECC Queue.
    Figure 1. ECC Queue
  2. To view the actual payload of a probe, click the XML icon in a record in the ECC Queue.
  3. Use the Discovery Log form for a quick look at how the probes are doing. To display the Discovery Log, navigate to Discovery > Discovery Log.
    Figure 2. Discovery Log

    The Discovery Log provides the following information:

    Column Information
    Created Displays the timestamp for the probe launched. Click this link to view the record for the probe launched in this list.
    Level Displays the type of data returned by this probe. The possible levels are:
    • Debug
    • Error
    • Information
    • Warning
    Message Message describing the action taken on the information returned by the probe.
    ECC queue input Displays the ECC queue name associated with the log message.
    CI The CI discovered. Click this link to display the record from the CMDB for this CI.
    Source Displays the probe name that generated the log message.
    Device Displays the IP address explored by the probe. Click this link to examine all the log entries for the action taken on this IP address by this Discovery.

    If you cancel an active discovery, note:

    • Existing sensor jobs that have started processing are immediately terminated.
    • The existing sensor jobs that are in a Ready state, but have not started processing, are deleted from the system.