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Create a Quick IP range for a Discovery schedule

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Create a Quick IP range for a Discovery schedule

Quick ranges allow administrators to define IP addresses to scan in a single comma-delimited string without creating separate records.

Before you begin

Only MID Servers that are up and validated are used with quick ranges. The MID Servers must specify the Discovery application (or ALL applications) and have IP ranges configured if you use the auto-select feature on the Discovery schedule.

About this task

You can enter IP addresses in one of the following formats:
  • An IP range defined by a slash and the number of bits in the subnetwork. For example, the string scans 24 bits of IP addresses from to
  • An IP range defined by a dash. For example, the string scans the IP addresses from to
  • A comma-separated list of specific IP addresses. For example, the string, scans the IP addresses and


  1. Click the Quick Ranges related link on the Discovery Schedule form.
  2. Enter the IP ranges and specific IP addresses to scan.
  3. Click Make Ranges.
    Note: The Quick Range interface is for entering IP addresses only and cannot be used to edit IP addresses that have already been submitted.
    Figure 1. Entering a quick range from a Discovery schedule
    Entering a quick range
    The instance automatically displays the entries in the proper format.
  4. For changes to IP address ranges, select the IP address records in the Discovery Range Sets related list.