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Add CI relationships for Discovery ADM

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Add CI relationships for Discovery ADM

Discovery automatically maps the dependencies between CIs that it finds in the network and assigns the appropriate type to each relationship.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Administrators can add dependencies manually and to define the appropriate relationship type between new configuration items based on lists of suggested relationships. When adding application dependencies to a configuration item, avoid the use of the Runs on/Runs and Hosted on/Hosts types. When a configuration item is deleted, any upstream CIs with a relationship type of Runs on or Hosted on is deleted as well. In some cases, manually added CIs might have other important dependencies that are adversely affected by the cascade deletion triggered by these two relationship types.


  1. In a CI record, click the + icon in the Related Items toolbar.
    Figure 1. Related Items Add Icon
  2. Select the appropriate relationship type from the list at the top of the page.
    Figure 2. Define Relationships
  3. Create and run an appropriate filter to make the CI visible in the list of available CIs.
  4. Move the CI from the list of available CIs to the dependent list.
  5. Click Apply to.


An example of the importance of selecting the proper relationship type is when the Business Service dependency, PeopleSoft CRM, is added to the sannnm-01 virtual server in the following diagram. If PeopleSoft CRM is added with a relationship type of Depends on, it is protected from the cascade delete triggered by the deletion of the Windows server sannnm-01. This is important because PeopleSoft CRM has dependencies to other servers and must not be deleted.
Figure 3. Application Dependency PeopleSoft Example