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Open the Discovery Log

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Open the Discovery Log

Open the Discovery Log to troubleshoot a discovery.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin


  1. Open a Discovery Status record. Log entries appear in the Discovery Log related list.
    Figure 1. Discovery Log Records
    The Discovery Log provides the following information:
    Field Input value
    Created Timestamp of the Discovery activity. Each timestamp defines the approximate time of the activity. Several Discovery events may occur in random order within a second.
    Level Classifies the activity into one of the following levels for general sorting:
    • Error
    • Information
    • Warning
    Short Message Informative message detailing the outcome of the activity or the Discovery progress. Look here for the result of a classify probe or for authentication failure.
    ECC queue input The related input record from the ECC queue for this discovery. You can also view these records from the ECC Queue related list.
    CI Names a device for which a matching CI was found in the CMDB. Click this link to drill down into the CI record for the device.
    Source Names the particular activity, such as the Shazzam probe or a UNIX classify probe.
    Device Lists the IP address of the CI discovered. All devices identified by IP address appear in the log, even if they refused all invitations to communicate. Any port activity from a device places it into the log, even if all subsequent efforts to identify it fail. Click the IP address of the device to view the events associated with discovering that device.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Click a link in the CI column to open the record for that CI.
    • Click the link in the Created column to view the log record.
    • Click the IP address link in the Device column to view the log records for a particular device.
    Note: The Discovery log also displays errors that occur during identification by taking log entries from the Identification Engine Log. See Examine identification engine run logs for more information about the identification engine and possible errors.