Create a pattern for standard serverless discovery

To find application CIs that reside on an unknown host, create an infrastructure pattern for standard serverless discovery. In the pattern, you must specify input parameters to explore the CI.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, sm_admin, or admin


  1. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns.
  2. Click New.
  3. Specify an Infrastructure type pattern with the correct CI type that applies to the CIs you want to discover. See Create or modify a pattern for an explanation of all form fields.
  4. Create an identification section and save the pattern.
  5. Click the Input Parameters tab, and then click New.
  6. Enter the parameters that are required to reach the serverless CIs. For example, you could enter url to reach a remote resource via an HTTP request.
    Note: You specify the actual URL in a serverless discovery schedule.
  7. Save the pattern.
  8. Click the Basic tab, and then click the identification section name to open the pattern designer.
  9. Create the steps you need to explore serverless CIs. For example, create an Http Get Call operation to reach a remote resource through a URL. In this case, you would specify the $url parameter in the URL field.
  10. To test the pattern, click Debug Mode and fill in values for the input parameters. You do not need to enter a value for Proxy Host.
  11. After you connect and run the operation, the Output field displays the content.


In the following example, we are connecting to a website that serves up an XML file. The XML file parsing method is already defined in the Http Get Call operation. To test the pattern operation, you click Debug Mode, enter the URL, and click Connect,

Figure 1. Example debugging of an HTTP Get Call
Example debugging of an HTTP Get Call

After the operation executes, the XML on the website appears in the Output window.

What to do next

Use the pattern in a serverless discovery schedule.