Router and switch discovery

Discovery identifies and classifies information about network routers and switches.

Network routers and switches often have very similar capabilities. It is very common for some switches known as Layer 3 switches to have IP routing. Larger routers with optional modules might accept switching modules. Because of these overlaps and the resulting ambiguity of a particular device's classification, Discovery collects the same data for both routers and switches, if it is available in any given device. For details on how Discovery collects data about connections between network devices and other components, see Layer 2 Discovery.

Required credentials

Discovery explores many kinds of devices, such as switches, routers, and printers, using the SNMP protocol. Credentials for SNMP do not include a user name, just a password, which is the community string. The default read-only community string for many SNMP devices is public, and Discovery will try that automatically. Enter the appropriate SNMP credentials if they differ from the public community string.

Important: SSH is not supported.

Router and switch data

Label Table name Field name Source
Serial number cmdb_ci serial_number SNMP, various MIBs
Start date (only when target is a host) cmdb_ci start_date SNMP, RFC1213 MIB
Manufacturer cmdb_ci manufacturer SNMP, RFC1213 MIB
Model ID cmdb_ci model_id SNMP, RFC1213 MIB
IP address cmdb_ci_network_adapter ip_address SNMP, IP MIB
MAC address cmdb_ci_network_adapter mac_address SNMP, IF MIB
Can route IP cmdb_ci_netgear can_route SNMP, IP MIB, BGP MIB
Can switch IP cmdb_ci_netgear can_switch SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Can partition VLANs cmdb_ci_netgear can_partitionvlans SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Can hub cmdb_ci_netgear can_hub SNMP, IP MIB
Neighbor Address discovery_device_neighbors neighbor_address ciscoCdpMIB, lldpMIB
Neighbor ID discovery_device_neighbors neighbor_id ciscoCdpMIB, lldpMIB
Neighbor Interface discovery_device_neighbors neighbor_interface ciscoCdpMIB, lldpMIB
Neighbor Source discovery_device_neighbors neighbor_source ciscoCdpMIB, lldpMIB
Origin Interface discovery_device_neighbors origin_interface ciscoCdpMIB, lldpMIB
IP Address discovery_net_arp_table ip_address SNMP, IP MIB
MAC Address discovery_net_arp_table mac_address SNMP, IP MIB
Name dscy_router_interface name SNMP, IP MIB
Type dscy_router_interface type SNMP, IP MIB
Number dscy_router_interface number SNMP, IP MIB
IP address dscy_router_interface ip_address SNMP, IP MIB
MAC address dscy_router_interface mac_address SNMP, IP MIB
Destination network dscy_route_interface dest_ip_network SNMP, IP MIB
Type dscy_route_interface type SNMP, IP MIB
Destination network dscy_route_next_hop dest_ip_network SNMP, IP MIB
Type dscy_route_next_hop type SNMP, IP MIB
Next hop dscy_route_next_hop next_hop_ip_address SNMP, IP MIB
Interface Index discovery_switch_bridge_port_table interface_index SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Port discovery_switch_bridge_port_table port SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
MAC Address discovery_switch_fwd_table mac_address SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Port discovery_switch_fwd_table port SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Status discovery_switch_fwd_table status SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
VLAN Id discovery_switch_fwd_table vlan_id SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Designatged Bridge MAC discovery_switch_spanning_tree_table designated_bridge_mac SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Designated Root discovery_switch_spanning_tree_table designated_root SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Port discovery_switch_spanning_tree_table port SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Port Enable discovery_switch_spanning_tree_table port_enable SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Port State discovery_switch_spanning_tree_table port_state SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Base IP address dscy_swtch_partition base_ip_address SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Base MAC address dscy_swtch_partition base_mac_address SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Base netmask dscy_swtch_partition base_netmask SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Type dscy_swtch_partition type SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Transparent dscy_swtch_partition transparent SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Sourceroute dscy_swtch_partition sourceroute SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Name dscy_swtch_partition name SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Status dscy_swtch_partition status SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Interface number dscy_swtch_partition interface_number SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Type dscy_switchport type SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Status dscy_switchport status SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
MAC address dscy_switchport mac_address SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Port number dscy_switchport port_number SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Interface name dscy_switchport interface_name SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Interface number dscy_switchport interface_number SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
MAC address dscy_swtch_fwd_rule mac_address SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
MAC manufacturer dscy_swtch_fwd_rule mac_mfr SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Status dscy_swtch_fwd_rule status SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
IP address dscy_swtch_fwd_rule ip_address SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB
Netmask dscy_swtch_fwd_rule netmask SNMP, dot1dBridge MIB