Data collected by Discovery on Linux computers

Discovery identifies and classifies information about Linux computers.

Supported Linux Operating Systems

These types of Linux OS's are supported:
  • Red Hat
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • SUSE
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu

Discovery also identifies and classifies information about Linux KVM.

Required credentials

Configure SSH credentials.

Data collected

The Linux classifier triggers probes that perform the discovery. Several probes are launched during discovery. See the classifier for a list of the trigger probes.

Label Table Name Field Name Source
Operating System cmdb_ci_linux_server os uname
OS Version cmdb_ci_computer os_version uname -a or cat /etc/*release
Short description cmdb_ci_linux_server short_description uname
Name cmdb_ci_linux_server name DNS, NBT
Hostname cmdb_ci_linux_server host_name DNS, NBT
DNS domain cmdb_ci_linux_server dns_domain DNS
Start date cmdb_ci_linux_server start_date uptime
Manufacturer cmdb_ci_computer manufacturer dmidecode
Serial number cmdb_ci_computer serial_number dmidecode
CPU type cmdb_ci_linux_server cpu_type /proc/cpuinfo
CPU speed (MHz) cmdb_ci_linux_server cpu_speed /proc/cpuinfo
CPU count cmdb_ci_linux_server cpu_count /proc/cpuinfo
CPU core count cmdb_ci_computer cpu_core_count /proc/cpuinfo
CPU core thread cmdb_ci_computer cpu_core_thread /proc/cpuinfo
CPU manufacturer cmdb_ci_linux_server cpu_manufacturer /proc/cpuinfo
Model number cmdb_ci_computer model_number dmidecode
Model ID cmdb_ci_computer model_id dmidecode
RAM (MB) cmdb_ci_linux_server ram meminfo
Disk space (GB) cmdb_ci_linux_server disk_space /proc/ide, /proc/scsi, /var/log/dmesg
Type cmdb_ci_disk type /proc/ide, /proc/scsi, /var/log/dmesg
Model ID cmdb_ci_disk model_id /proc/ide, /proc/scsi, /var/log/dmesg
Disk space (GB) cmdb_ci_disk disk_space /proc/ide, /proc/scsi, /var/log/dmesg
Name cmdb_ci_disk name /proc/ide, /proc/scsi, /var/log/dmesg
Name cmdb_ci_file_system name df
Capacity (MB) cmdb_ci_file_system capacity df
Available Space (MB) cmdb_ci_file_system available_space df
Mount point cmdb_ci_file_system mount_point df
Name cmdb_running_process name ps
Command cmdb_running_process command ps
Type cmdb_running_process type ps
PID cmdb_running_process pid ps
Parameters cmdb_running_process parameters ps
Name cmdb_ci_network_adapter name ifconfig
IP address cmdb_ci_network_adapter ip_address ifconfig
MAC address cmdb_ci_network_adapter mac_address ifconfig
Netmask cmdb_ci_network_adapter netmask ifconfig
Default gateway cmdb_ci_hardware default_gateway route