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Control IP address selection

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Control IP address selection

You can use system properties to control the selection of IP address for specified CI classes.

Use these properties to determine if the system should replace the IP address returned by Discovery in a device's CI record if the address does not match that of a network interface (NIC) on the device. This is important for the discovery of devices with management IP addresses that differ from IP addresses associated with one or more NICs on the device. Because a device's management IP is used in the Discovery schedule for that device, this is the address that Discovery returns. Use these properties to determine which IP address to use for CIs of any class.

Property Description
glide.discovery.enforce_ip_sync Prevents the system from using a discovered IP address in the CI record if the address doesn't match that of a NIC on the device. If this property is true, Discovery checks the IP address returned to determine if it is associated with a NIC on the device. If the address is not associated with a NIC, Discovery uses the IP address from one of the NICs instead.
  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: true
glide.discovery.exclude_ip_sync_classes Defines CI classes whose IP addresses should not be substituted if the address returned by Discovery does not match one of the devices' NICs. Use a comma separated list to define multiple classes. By default, the system uses the management IP of a load balancer returned by Discovery in the CI record, rather than substituting it for the IP address of one of the load balancer's NICs.
  • Type: string
  • Default value: cmdb_ci_lb