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Upgrading Discovery to the Jakarta release

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Upgrading Discovery to the Jakarta release

Several changes are made to the Discovery application when you upgrade to the Jakarta release.

Probe-to-pattern conversions

Several probes and their associated sensors are available as patterns. Discovery uses these patterns do find the same types of software or hardware on your network, and continues to populate the CMDB accordingly. These patterns are active by default on new instances. On upgrades to the Jakarta release, Discovery uses the probes and sensors and the patterns are inactive. See New patterns for the Jakarta release for more information.

vCenter table schema and events

The parent-child hierarchy of vCenter tables in the CMDB is changed upon upgrade to the Jakarta release. See vCenter data collected for the table schema. The following table summarizes the changes:
Table 1.
Table Old parent New parent


cmdb_ci_vcenter_object cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter


cmdb_ci_vcenter_cluster cmdb_ci_host_cluster
cmdb_ci_vcenter_network cmdb_ci_network
cmdb_ci_vcenter_network cmdb_ci_network
cmdb_ci_vm_template cmdb_ci_os_template

Several new events are available for the vCenter event collector. The new events are automatically added to any new Event Collector that you define after the upgrade, but they are not added to existing Event Collectors. See vCenter event collector for more information.

Cloud discovery

When you upgrade to Jakarta, new Cloud Management menu and modules appear in the application navigator. Use these menus and modules to manage service accounts, on which you can run discovery. You can continue using previous AWS and Azure discovery schedules. Disable legacy schedules when you want to use the new discovery schedules available on the service account records. When the number of datacenters belonging to a cloud provider account changed, set up a service account, discover the datacenters, and create a schedule to discover the resources. See Cloud discovery for more information.