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Exchange MailBox discovery

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Exchange MailBox discovery

Discovery creates or updates a CMDB record when it detects a running instance of Exchange Mailbox.


The Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell module must be installed on the server that you want to discover.

The service winRM must be running on the host machine. Run the following command in the Powershell window to verify: New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri "http://$hostname/PowerShell/" -Authentication Kerberos


By default, Discovery uses the following pattern to perform the discovery: MailBox On Windows Pattern.


Configure these credentials:
Credential type Additional notes
Applicative credentials The user must be able to run Powershell commands against the Exchange hosts.
Use Exchange Mailbox as the CI type for the applicative credential.
Attention: Do not use the Exchange Mailbox server CI type.
Windows credentials The OS user must be a domain user, not a local user for the server.

Data collected

The following data is collected on the Exchange Mailboxes [cmdb_ci_exchange_mailbox] table:

Label Field Name
Name name
Version version
Class sys_class_name
Fully qualified domain name fqdn
IP Address ip_address
Installation directory install_directory
Type type