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New patterns for the Jakarta release

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New patterns for the Jakarta release

Several new patterns are available for horizontal discovery.

Patterns converted from probes and sensors for Jakarta

Pattern Pattern discovery active by default for Replaces these probes

A10 LoadBalancer

ACE Load Balancer

Alteon Load Balancer

F5 - HD, F5 Load Balancer

Netscaler Load Balancer

Radware - AppDirector - Load Balancer

See Data collected by Discovery on load balancers for more information.

New instances only
  • SNMP-SNMP - A10 - System
  • MultiProbe-SNMP - A10 - Identity
  • MultiProbe-SNMP - ACE - Identity
  • JavascriptProbe-SNMP - ACE - 4710 - Syst
  • MultiProbe-SNMP - Alteon - Identity
  • SNMP-SNMP - Alteon - System
  • SNMP-SNMP - F5 BIG-IP - System
  • MultiProbe-SNMP - F5 BIG-IP - Identity
  • SNMP-SNMP - Netscaler - System
  • MultiProbe-SNMP - Netscaler - Identity
  • SNMP-SNMP - AppDirector - System
  • MultiProbe-SNMP - AppDirector - Identity
Microsoft SQL Server New instances only
  • Powershell-Windows - MSSQL
IIS New instances only
  • Windows - Get IIS Information
Tomcat New instances only
  • SSHCommand-Tomcat - Find web.xml List
  • SSHCommand-Tomcat - Get server.xml
  • SSHCommand-Tomcat - Get Version
Oracle New instances only
  • Powershell-Oracle - Instance PFile (for Windows)
  • Powershell-Oracle - Instance Version (for Windows)
  • SSHCommand-Oracle - Instance Details (for Linux)

New patterns for Jakarta

Pattern Description
Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancer Service

Amazon AWS Relational Database Service

Azure Database

Azure LoadBalancer TD

Azure WebSite

These patterns identify cloud resources for Amazon Web Services and Azure datacenters. See Cloud discovery for more information.