IBM WebSphere DataPower device discovery

Discovery identifies and classifies information about DataPower devices.


By default, Discovery uses the DataPower Server pattern to perform the discovery.
Warning: DO NOT switch from probes to patterns if you are already running discovery with probes and your CMDB is already populated. If you do, it is possible that the pattern discovery process does not synchronize on the same values that the probe discovery process does. The result could be duplicate CIs in your CMDB.


Configure both SNMP credentials and Applicative credentials.

Classifier and OIDs

The DataPower Server classifier uses these OIDs:
OID Manufacturer Model Table IBM Data Power Hosting Server [cmdb_ci_datapower_server] IBM Data Power Hosting Server [cmdb_ci_datapower_server] IBM DataPower XB62 Data Power Hosting Server [cmdb_ci_datapower_server]

The classifier kicks off the Horizontal Pattern probe to perform identification and exploration of the device.

Data collected

The following data is collected on the Data Power Hosting Server [cmdb_ci_datapower_server] table.
Label Field Name
Model name model_name
Host name host_name
Serial number serial_number
The following data is collected on the Network Adapters [cmdb_ci_network_adapter] table.
Label Field Name
MAC address mac_address
Name name