Azure Service Principal and Enterprise Agreement credentials

Azure credentials are necessary for your instance to access a Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure Enterprise Agreement credentials are necessary for the billing functionality that the Cloud Management application provides.

These fields are available on the Azure Service Principal form:
Field Value
Name Enter the name of the service principal to register with the instance.
Tenant ID and Client ID Paste the values that you obtained from the Azure portal:
  • The Tenant ID is the Directory ID in Azure.
  • The Client ID is the of the ID of the application that you registered in Azure. If you do not have an application, you must create one under App registrations in the Azure portal.
Authentication Method Select Client secret.
Note: Client assertion is not supported.
Secret key Paste the secret key that was generated while creating the Azure Service Principal in the Azure portal.

This field appears when Authentication method is Client secret.

These fields are available on the Azure Enterprise Agreement Credentials form.
Field Description
Name Enter a descriptive name.
Enrollment number Enter the enrolment number from Azure.
Access Key Paste in the access key that Azure provides you.