ESX resource pools

Resource pools are configured in vCenter and define the maximum amount of resources that templates using that pool can consume.

An ESX server property enables resource pools to expand when necessary if the ESX server has additional resources to spare. The Name and Owner fields of each resource pool on the ESX server must be configured within the Now Platform in the ESX Resource Pool [cmdb_ci_esx_resource_pool] table. When Orchestration for VMware executes its manual provisioning tasks, the provisioner must select the proper resource pool for the virtual server requested. Discovery finds resource pools on ESX machines and populates the fields on the ESX Resource Pool form automatically. For more information, see Configure ESX resource pools.

ESX resource pools requires the Orchestration - VMware Support plugin.

Note: Ensure that vCenter and the ESX server have been fully configured, including the creation of the templates and resource pools.