Add a Logical Datacenter to a cloud account

Logical Datacenters are created under the Cloud Service Account to which they are to be associated.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin


  1. Open a cloud account.
  2. Move the state to Draft if it is Published.
  3. Click Add Datacenters in the form header.
  4. Select the cloud Provider for this account, and then select the Service Account that contains the credentials you want to use for this account.
    Once the Service Account is selected, a list of discovered LDCs appear.
    Note: If no LDCs appear, click Discover Locations to find them. See Discover datacenters in a service account for details on what happens.
  5. Select the datacenters, and then click Submit.
    Figure 1. Adding a datacenter
    Adding a datacenter


The datacenters that you selected appear on the Datacenters tab on the left.