Add AWS public images

If you want to use AWS public images, you can upload them to the OS template table and use them in resource profiles.

Before you begin

  • Role required: cloud_admin
  • Obtain the AMI ID and Source for the public image you want to use in the instance. You can obtain this from the list of AMIs in the AWS console.
  • Obtain the location of the AMI, which corresponds to the datacenter in the instance.


  1. Open the Images [cmdb_ci_os_template] table by entering the following in the application filter: cmdb_ci_os_template.list. The list of OS templates appears.
  2. Click New.
  3. Paste the AMI ID in the Object ID field and the Source in the Image Source field.
  4. In the Related Items section at the bottom of the form, click the plus (+) icon to add a relationship.
  5. In the Relationship editor, Select Hosted on (Parent)... in the Suggested relationship types list.
  6. In the Filter section, select [Class] [is] [AWS Datacenter].
  7. Run the filter.
    The datacenters appear in the Configuration Items section.
  8. Click the plus (+) icon and add a Hosted on:Hosts relationship between the Parent, which is the image, and the Child, which is the datacenter.
  9. Click Save and Exit.