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Blueprint attributes

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Blueprint attributes

Several attributes are available for blueprint operations.

When you add a blueprint operation to a resource, the system adds the appropriate attributes, but you can choose whether or not you want to make these attributes available as catalog properties on the form when the system performs the operation.

A few common attributes for the provisioning operation for virtual machines are provided in the table below:
Attribute Description
VmFolderName The name of the virtual machine folder.
ResourceGroupName The name of the resource group to which the resource belongs.
StackName The name of the stack that the user is provisioning.
CloudAccount The cloud account to which the resource stack belongs.
OSProfile The resource profile, in this case the Operating System profile, upon which the cloud resource is based.
DiscoverAndAttachIP Finds a free elastic IP and assigns it to a virtual machine on AWS. By default, if a VM is deployed on a VPC in AWS, it will not get a public IP. If elastic IPs are not available, no IP can be assigned to the VM.
Warning: It is recommended that you do not use KeyPreference. If you do, do not set this to user.