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Cloud Management setup guide

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Cloud Management setup guide

Setting up Cloud Management involves activating the plugin, assigning roles to your users, setting up the MID Server, and configuring your service and cloud accounts.


Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin

Before you begin

Note: The Password Reset application is not available during upgrade.
Review the prerequisites
Each cloud provider has its own prerequisites that you must meet. See Prerequisites for Cloud Management.

What to do

Request the plugin

Request activation of the Cloud Management plugin, which contains all components necessary to use the application. See Request the Cloud Management plugin

Assign roles to users and groups

Determine which Cloud Management roles are appropriate for each user, and then assign those roles. See Cloud Management roles for more information.

Set up the MID Server

A MID Server is required to bridge the connection between your instance and the cloud resources. Set up the MID Server on your network, or in one of your cloud networks. See Set up a MID Server for Cloud Management and AWS for more information.

Set up service accounts with credentials

Collect the account credentials for your cloud providers and create service accounts so your instance can access your cloud resources. Then run discovery on the service account to find the datacenters associated with the account and populate the CMDB. See Azure credentials for Cloud Management and Service accounts for Cloud Management for more information.

Set up cloud accounts

Set up cloud accounts, which associate deployment regions and datacenters on your cloud provider with your service account. You can also run discovery from a cloud account. See Cloud accounts for more information.

Set capacity limits

Capacity limits place restrictions on the usage of cloud resources. You can control attributes such as the number of virtual machines, virtual CPUs, and virtual networks, as well as storage volume size. See Set capacity limits on cloud resources for more information.

Next steps

See the Cloud Management administration guide for information on what you can configure after setup.