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Track a stack request

Track a stack request

The system generates a request when you submit the form to launch a stack.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user

About this task

If no approval policy is defined, requests are auto-approved. If a policy is defined, then a user on the approver list must approve the request.


  1. Go to the Activities page or navigate to Overview > View Activities, then select Track > Requests.
    The following color codes show you the status of the request:
    • Green: Completed or Approved.
    • Orange: Processing.
    • Red: Rejected, Error, or Canceled.
  2. In the Requests list, click an entry.
    Status tab
    Request Status Actions taken on the request. Click the down-arrow () to toggle between:
    • Verbose mode that describes each action and the status of the action
    • Icon-only mode that indicates only the status (pass/fail) of an action.
    Stack Status Status of each stack request. If deployment fails, errors from cloud orchestration are listed.
    Comments / Work Notes tab
    Item requested and request number Log of comments and notes made for the request. The itil role is required to add a comment or work note.

    To add a comment or work note:

    1. Enter text.
    2. Select the Work notes check box to add a work note.
    3. Click Send.
    Request Details tab Values that the requester submitted on the stack request form.