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Report a defect from a failed test

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Report a defect from a failed test

If necessary, the tester can report a defect related to a Failed test status.

Before you begin

The Report Defect link is available only if Agile Development plugin is installed.


  1. On the Test form, click one of the following links:
    • The Report Defect link next to the Status field.
    • The Report defect related link.
  2. Fill in the fields on the Report Defect form (see table).
  3. Click Submit.
    Table 1. Report Defect Form
    Field Description
    Number Automatically assigned defect number. For example, DFCT0010002.
    Configuration item Associated configuration item, if applicable to this defect.
    Assignment group Group assigned to fix the defect.
    Assigned to Individual assigned to fix the defect.
    Priority Priority of the defect, from 1 (critical) to 5 (planning).
    State The current state of the defect:
    • Draft
    • Scoping
    • Awaiting Approval
    • Work in Progress
    • Testing/QA
    • Deploy/Launch
    • Closed/Complete
    • On hold
    • Canceled
    Short description Brief explanation of the defect.
    Description More detailed explanation of the defect.
    Work notes Any comments, notes, or other information that would be helpful to the individuals fixing the defect.
    Figure 1. Report Defect Form