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Extend a resource plan

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Extend a resource plan

As a resource manager, you can extend the date of an allocated resource plan and allocate resources for the extended period.

Before you begin

Role required: resource_manager

About this task

Assume that work on a project has started. There is a need to extend the date of an allocated resource plan because the project has been extended by a certain number of days. In this scenario, you can use the Extend Resource Plan and extend the date of the allocated resource plan. The new date by which the resource plan is extended does not have any impact on the existing allocated hours.


First, you allocated 100 hours for 2 months, 50 hours for each month. Later, you need to extend the resource plan by a month.

For the first 2 months, 100 hours are consumed as per the allocation. For the extended month, you must create allocation records, add allocated hours, and ensure that the resource allocation dates fall within the dates of the extended resource plan.


  1. Navigate to Resource Management > Resource Plans > All.
  2. Open a resource plan.
  3. Click Extend Resource Plan on the form header.
  4. Click OK.


The resource plan is extended and remains in the allocated state.