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Allocate resources from resource workbench

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Allocate resources from resource workbench

Review the availability of all resources in a group and then allocate the named resource to a project using resource workbench.

Before you begin

Ensure that resource workbench is open.

Role required: resource_manager


  1. Click Allocate Resources menu in the workbench header to switch to Allocation flow view.
  2. Click the filter icon () in the Resource Plans list to filter the list of resource plans displayed.
  3. Select a resource plan to view its allocation details.
    • A brief overview and Suggested Allocation Breakdown table for the selected plan is displayed. The resource allocation breakdown differs based on the Member Preference selected for the resource plan.
    • Heat maps for the available hours and forecasted utilization for the resources are displayed.
  4. Click to open and modify the display settings for the members displayed in heat maps.
    • All resources: shows heat map for all resources.
    • Matching resources: shows heat map for resources matching to the resource request.
  5. Review the resources that are allocated by the system in Suggested allocation breakdown table and view their availability and/or utilization in the respective heat maps.
  6. Click the edit icon to open and modify the suggested resource allocations, if required.
  7. Click Allocate to allocate the resources to the resource plan.
    The resource plan moves into the Allocated state. Soft allocations are converted to hard allocations when the resource plan moves to the Allocated state.
  8. Click one of the following under Allocate:
    Edit Resource Plan Opens the selected plan to modify.
    Edit Allocations Opens the suggested resource allocations for the plan. You can make changes to the suggested allocations.
    Cancel Resource Plan Cancels the selected plan.