My Calendar

Any user with the resource_user role can open My Calendar to view, add, and modify their planned work, actual work, operational work, administrative tasks, and personal activities.

After a user adds an event to the calendar, the time blocks for that event appear as red, for busy, on the resource console and the resource availability dashboard. Resource managers view user calendars to determine who has open time to complete tasks, and can add tasks to any resource's personal calendar.

For every event that is created in a user's calendar, a record is created in the User Calendar Event [user_calendar_event] table. Resource events are chunks of busy time for the user. Users and resource managers can sometimes modify these records. For more information, see Resource event modifications.

The calendar uses time zones. Time is displayed to users in their local time zone according to user preferences. For more information, see Time zones in resource plans.

Note: Although a user can add tasks, such as incidents, to their calendar, the user is not added to the task's Assigned to field.