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Copy a project

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Copy a project

Another option for creating a project is to copy an existing project with all its tasks and relationships. After you specify the start date for the copy, the system adjusts all task start and end dates automatically.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager


  1. On the Project form, right-click the header and select Copy Project.
  2. Enter the new project name for the new project that you are creating.
  3. Select a start date.
  4. Click OK. The system creates the project.
    Copy partial project, which is available from the Project Task form, provides similar functionality. It copies all task or project relationships and children from the selected project and inserts them into the current project. In this case, a new project record is not created.


Actual duration and the actual start and end dates are reset to null values. The state is set to New and percent complete is set to 0.

By default only the short description, planned dates and duration fields are copied from source project to the target project. If additional columns must be copied, they should be declared in the project property List of attributes that will be copied from the originating project task.