Re-promote a budget plan

Re-promote the budget plan to get changes reflected when the portfolio budget has been modified because of change in demand/project selection planned cost.

Before you begin

Role required: it_portfolio_manager

The budget period for the selected fiscal period must be open to re-promote a budget plan for a portfolio.

About this task

After promoting the portfolio budget plan, the portfolio manager can decide to modify the budget based on the suggestions by investment committee. The portfolio manager can work with project and demand managers to modify the cost plans for demand and project to implement the suggested changes. The budget plan can then be re-promoted to get the changes reflected in the budget plan.


Do either of these steps:
From the portfolio workbench Click Re-promote Budget Plan under Step 3: Budgeting.
From the portfolio form
  1. Navigate to Project > Portfolios > All.
  2. Open the portfolio, and click the Create/Revise Budget Plan related link.
  3. Select the fiscal year from Fiscal Year choice list, and click OK.


The budget plan is re-promoted as the updated budget for the selected fiscal year.

What to do next

Once the budget plan is re-promoted and no more changes are expected, the budget period must be closed.